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Produced in 2007  2019

気仙大工の2004年古民家移築再生 ZEKKEI  の再工事のガイドラインと作業


A life only once in a lifetime. And most people build a house only once. There is a saying by the genius architect Le Corbusier that "a house must be a jewel box for living". If you build a house, you may want to do that too. And if you have feelings at home, you should be hoping to live here for generations, hoping to support such a life ..

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Kesen Carpenter's 2004 Relocation and Reconstruction of an Old Folk House ZEKKEI  Reconstruction guidelines and work

(The main construction work that has been approved in 2016 and 2017 will be carried out by the architectural firm and the construction company, and the architectural research institute will only be carried out in the latter half of 2016 and early summer 2017)


I knew immediately that it was built by Kesen Carpentry

Issues and solutions: At that time, an architectural office run by an architect of JIA (Vice Chairman of the Japan Architects Association) and a professor of the Faculty of Architecture of Kanagawa University, an architectural research institute familiar with old folk houses as a building aid for JIA members, and Hakone The old folk house of the Kesen carpenter of the Edo Meiji era, which was in Iwate using three construction companies for more than 180 years (according to the oral of the old man who lived in the house), was built in Iwate prefecture. It was renovated in 2003 from Fujisawa-cho to Hakone Geopark, one of the best mountain resorts in Japan. The securing of private houses was in the latter half of 2000.

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スクリーンショット 2022-11-08 12.53.03.png

​An old folk house that existed in Iwate in 2001.

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Survey in  2001

Reasons for relocating an old folk house with architects

In 2001, an architect and an architectural research institute conducted a survey in Iwate after I knew an old folk house. First of all, ❶ make a survey record of the actual pillars and beams of an old folk house before disassembling it at the local Iwate. ❷ Make a blueprint as it is. It was that. ❸ On top of that, how the architect will build a renovated building suitable for Hakone is to consult with a reliable architect who is a general relocation of an old folk house.

However, it seems that the ❹ seismic test, which is different from the old folk house survey, was commissioned by an architect and a building assistant, and the laboratory in charge of the university conducted a functional experiment in 2001, and the data was used as the basis of the Hyogo Seismic Engineering Center. It was in 2019, a recent interview with a professional magazine, that I was surprised to hear the story from two people, an architect and an architectural assistant.

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​I talk to the Institute of Architecture. November 11, 2001.

  Built in 2001

I wanted to build a house in Hakone in 2001, but it took a long time to convey my wife's thoughts to the architect. I think that it is better to clear the desire for a building suitable for the land in Hakone's national park against disasters such as earthquakes and landslides, building methods and various construction stages. We also asked them to remake the pillars and beams of the original Kesen carpenter's old folk house in the same way as possible. I did the setup to carry the house. That's because I missed a partial quote from the architect and forgot the complete material of the house. However, it was finally made in Hakone in 2004 . Thank you very much to the grandfather and family members of the original house in Iwate prefecture who secured the house. ( ❶ to are the actual construction procedures for this house)

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 Built in 2004

​Site confirmation and instructions of the construction office. February 28, 2004.

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​In 2003, laid the foundation for the house. The wooden frame on the left is the entrance to the basement.

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Huge beam weighing 1,2 tons (old tree that moved from Iwate to Hakone)

▶ Please press ︎. It was based on the same form and structure as an old folk house.

スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 16.17.30.png

​Completed in 2004. The prominent Paul moved in 2011 with the power company.

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Issues and solutions: A few years after the relocation to Hakone, I began to find and feel deficiencies inside and outside the building. There is rainwater on the side wall of the house designed by the architects, around the drainage of the house, the bathroom on the 2nd floor, the balcony on the 2nd floor, and the underground warehouse room. I have to get my place fixed when I live.

Surround the house with a steel blanket and translucent canvas

Since I was originally based in Tokyo, I didn't live in Hakone every day, so when I came to Hakone for the first time in a while, I was surprised that the entrance to the house and the corridor leading from it were flooded. And since the area around the house is only a movable steel blanket , I decided to surround the house with a translucent canvas in order to check the wall on the mountain side, which architects and contractors say is condensation. From this, it was found that the cause of the dew condensation on the wall and floor was water leakage in the house and the drainage function of the drain was incomplete. I wonder if we can get the cooperation of the architect and the construction company. (The following (1) to (7) are approximate guidelines and work for reconstruction.)

スクリーンショット 2022-01-23 13.17.51.png

About reconstruction of the first floor

First of all, there is no solid outer wall for living around the house as shown in the picture below. At first, I was busy with work in Tokyo and didn't notice it, but since it was a house built in the middle of the slope, rainwater naturally enters from the mountain side where the height difference is high. It is a house standing on the hillside. Stormwater always flows from high places to low places. (There was some damage to the art and personal computers that I made carefully in Hakone, but the outer wall of the canvas saved a few of the rest.)

Canvas protects

As I mentioned earlier, I used a canvas around the house to find out if it was a condensation or rainwater in the house, so to speak, a leak or some other problem, as the architect and the builder testify. I enclosed it. In addition, this is a traditional old tree that exists in the space below the roof of the entrance. ① It was possible to protect the wood such as huge beams and pillars from rainwater with canvas . A professor at Kanagawa University and an architect at JIA, who saw the workmanship of the canvas, said it was "wonderful." It was in 2008.

Next is the long-distance concrete joint between the large floor and the wall. I found that water was dripping from the entire wall surface and accumulated on the concrete floor even though it was still surrounded by canvas. It's a leak. As I mentioned earlier, I surrounded the house with a translucent canvas to see the wall on the mountain side where architects and builders say it was condensation or damp. From this, it was found that the cause of the water leakage on the wall and floor was that the drainage function of the drain (drainage channel) was incomplete. (The architect and the local construction company came as a set on a sunny day, so they couldn't understand each other and it took a long time.)


Produced in 2018


Looking up from the entrance, huge beams and pillars jump into your eyes. The wall on the left is on the mountain side, and the electrical work and the gas piping work to the second floor and the entrance have been renewed. There is a canvas behind the steel blanket on the left .

Reworking the drain on the mountain side of the house and marble in the kitchen room

The drain at the time of completion was not visible from the outside as shown in the above drawing, and the lid was tightly tightened with concrete. At the time of construction in 2016, the concrete was opened by the construction shop and the architect. The long joint area between the floor and the wall is blocked by the construction. I checked again and made a full extension repair including redoing.

 There are two vertical holes derived by the drain for its long drainage. In other words, drainage work was done on the joint between the kitchen and the floor on the mountain side, the joint between the toilet on the mountain side and the floor, and the entire wall surface of the entrance on the mountain side. This was a lot of trouble, but the kitchen floor I pasted up was raised and the 50mm thick marble floor was able to maintain its height and the marble floor was useful for taking the slope .

And ③ I talked about redoing the walls of the toilet, kitchen, washing machine storage, and former shoe box, and reconstructed the work. Also, it goes back and forth, but I put a wooden floor on the entire surface. Finally, the entrance wall was painted with diatomaceous earth to finish another plastic wall ( construction in 2010 of the construction shop and the architectural office) to attract water leakage and condensation from the mountain side, and the huge weight inside the old folk house. Coordinated with 1,2 tons of beams, columns and color matching.

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Produced in 2016




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Take a picture 2009

Produced in 2015

A urethane agent wall is further attached to the mountain side wall and diatomaceous earth is applied.


Re-on the mountain side colonnade side​ Comfortable in construction

​The outer mountain side colonnade was located in the area at the foot of the colonnade with respect to the ground, and the construction office and the construction company raised the feet and made a bunch of stones as a measure against rainwater. And ⑤ Architects and construction companies have rebuilt the concrete floor and high foundation. Also this ground​ Because all of the concrete was made into concrete, the items stored in the underground concrete (basement) were wasted due to humidity, but now the wrapping humidity is around 55% or less on average, which is comfortable.


Produced in 2016

The revision is 2016.

IMG_5798 のコピー.jpg

Reconstruction of the balcony on the second floor and the huge climbing beam that supports the roof from there

In the drawing below, the green part is the balcony and the outdoors. It seemed that there was no problem with the slatted wall being completed firmly. However, a water leak gradually occurred on the first floor just below the balcony. At the time of completion, the drainboards look good at first glance, but on the contrary, the height of the waterproof layer is low, so water leaks down. We talked about the structure to solve the problem, and the construction was done by three companies, an architect, a building research institute, and a construction shop. ⑥ We removed all the drainboards and newly constructed the balcony for rainwater and reviewed the drainage. And we made 5 new drainage ditches . Also, by attaching a translucent canvas to the balcony that had been released before, it was possible to realize the image when considering relocation by fully opening on sunny days and partially closing on rainy days. rice field. Also, the root of the rising beam, which is rare these days, makes the joint with the large beam visible.

A drain was attached to the corner of the bathroom on the second floor to review the drainage. ⑦ The bathroom became more comfortable .

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Produced in 2017

スクリーンショット 2022-05-29 15_edited.jpg


スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 9.14.14.png
スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 9.17.22.png
スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 9.17.38.png

The balcony without canvas at the time of completion is photographed from the outside.

スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 9.18.10.png
スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 9.17.57.png

​ Early summer 2017 13 years later Finally completed 2nd floor balcony with 5 sloping drains for Schiller measures.

スクリーンショット 2022-10-04 4.31.11.png

Take a picture



スクリーンショット 2017-05-02 16.13.12.png

 Produced in  2017



スクリーンショット 2022-04-02 12_edited.jpg
スクリーンショット 2022-04-02 12.10.28.png

The architect, building assistants, and construction company who had been presenting construction problems will finally attend the meeting in 2017 after removing the sunoco on the 2nd floor balcony after the construction on the mountain side of the house in 2016, 12 years after construction. In the same year, construction of the balcony and bathroom on the 2nd floor began.

Produced in 2017 

Produced in 2017 

スクリーンショット 2016-08-03 13.06_edited.jpg


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Produced in 2007


​ In 2007, a specialist company installed a roll-up distribution on a huge roof.

0O8A1029 2.jpg




スクリーンショット 2022-10-10 10.12_edited.jpg


Produced in 2017

Open the canvas on the second floor and you can see Hakone Shrine and Lake Ashi well.In 2017, the balcony was changed to a water resistant ceiling. There are four new drains on the balcony.

スクリーンショット 2021-12-10 13.35.43.png

From materials of exchanges with architects and construction companies-2017

Produced in 2017

If heavy snow falls, a large block of snow of 100 kg or more will flow down and pile up from the roof to the balcony designed outdoors with canvas. I was relieved that this was left to the architect, but the entire balcony before attaching the canvas at the time of completion will be the saucer. In 2017, the architect again offered to do something like this (adding a large bay window), but this is because there is no design drawing and I do not know how to open and close the window. However, at an altitude of 790m, it was undeniable that the entire bay window could be damaged by heavy snow. Even the same JIA member, the Institute of Architecture, nodded, but the intentional existence of the balcony became unclear. So I decided to go with the balcony canvas that I had constructed so far . That is the level of thinking about rain and snow on the balcony in the figure above.

スクリーンショット 2016-08-24 18_edited_edited.jpg

Photos in 2008

About the interview of the first year of 2019 Reiwa

You can listen to the contents of the interview of the specialized magazine (April 2019 Reiwa) on YouTube by clicking Joint recording 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The house was completed in 2004. Passed the first screening of Good Design in 2019.

2003 Design : Studio Altech Murofushi Jiro Design Assistance : Yoshida Building Research Institute Akira Yoshida Construction Store : Ogawa Construction Store


Produced in 2019

​First year of Reiwa

スクリーンショット 2018-10-10 18_edited.jpg

Produced in 2014

It is a veranda. I built it in 2014, but it was also useful during the construction in 2017.


古民家移築を決心した2000年から19年も経った4月に雑誌編集部にお二人とお邪魔させてもらい、古民家のことを楽しく話そうと思いました。この事で当時からの全貌が分かったのはJIA理事、大学建築学部教授だった建築家、  JIAの建築補佐だった人のインタビューの2000年の当時の事が分かりました。ありがとうございます。


Start with Mirai of Mukashi

 I think that building an old folk house or a house on a mountain slope is to keep the basics and devise a house and land to think about how to live in the mountainous region of 70% of Japan. Japan is a culture created by coexistence and symbiosis since ancient times. In the Edo period, temples, shrines, bridges and private houses were built without using nails. The so-called old building will continue to exist today. There is a story that a 100-year-old house that was built will be useless in decades. It is said that it is humid, but the wood used is different. This is because the tree is fundamentally weak. This is because we import and use trees that are grown in a hurry and cheap trees. Before the old trees were burnt in the war, they built private houses using large Japanese trees as the key.

In this way, I am happy to be able to live in Hakone, an urban country near the city center, and bring this old Iwate folk house built by Mukashi to Mirai, a Japanese person. We would like to thank the director of the Japanese folk house garden in Kawasaki, the traders, and the director of the Kesen Carpentry and Tradition Museum in Iwate for all their wisdom and advice . A wonderful photo is Mitsumasa Fujitsuka.

スクリーンショット 2021-12-11 18.56_edited.jpg

Produced in 2020

スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 15.50.55.png

​In 2018, I went to see Iwate, who was born in an old folk house, with everyone. Mr. and Mrs. Fumihiko Sasaki who coordinated and Mr. and Mrs. Chida who handed over the old folk house Thank you very much for being late. Also, thank you to Mitsue Hirono, Ryutaro, and Akira Abe of Iwate.

スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 15.48.55.png

Photo:​ Yoko Nonoshita

  • Guidelines for owner implementation amendments and re-construction (intermittent from 2007 to 2019): entrance canvas outer wall, roof veranda canvas, first floor terrace canvas construction (construction by a canvas specialty store), system kitchen installation, flooring of the first floor entrance passage , First floor toilet flooring, eaves tool storage , kitchen room floor full marble flooring, external wooden deck and external stairs, approach flower bed, parking lot and exterior , GL concrete processing in front of the entrance of the backyard column pillar, wood shed, entrance wall Painting, home farm, first floor entrance lighting work (construction by electrical equipment company), movement of poles and power lines in the garden (construction by electric power company) , expansion of gas outlets (construction by gas company), extension of electricity in approach , Replacement of new wood stove and chimney. (The underline of the eaves tool storage is YouTube, and there are three in front, middle, and back.)

ストーブのもとの設置に問題があり2020年に煙突とストーブを JOTULの一番の大型の新品にしました。

スクリーンショット 2022-02-02 15.46.39.png

Ask the people in the Graduate School Construction Planning Laboratory about the charm of the house.

​This is the feeling of this house. Exhibited in 2019 by applying for the 2020 Good Design Award. The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design counseling and recommendation system in Japan that was established in the Showa era. I put it just in front of the corona.

スクリーンショット 2021-11-27 17.11.07.png

The general idea of this old folk house and the names of the people who refined the old folk house are given. ( Documents to be submitted for GOOD DESIGN AWARD)

スクリーンショット 2021-11-27 14.20.12.png
スクリーンショット 2021-11-27 14.20.12.png

GOOD DESIGN AWARD submission panel.

スクリーンショット 2022-02-01 14.10.00.png
スクリーンショット 2022-11-04 14.17.32.png


​The site of this building

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