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Produced in 2002

Most communication tool designs focus on instantly transmitting a message from a single screen. Of course, for designs centered on horizontal writing as the time axis on the screen, the line of sight flows from the upper left to the lower right, and for those with a Japanese vertical writing structure, the direction is from the upper right to the lower left.

However, in the field, it seems that most of the time, when asking and answering questions with customers, they spread the catalog as a material and answer detailed specifications while showing it with their fingers. With this, both customers and sales staff tend to miss the timing of appealing the benefits of new products.


A new product that puts the company's luck on the client company. What I arrived at to answer that is the concept book, which is an epoch-making attempt to give the timeline of this story.


As a result, this graphic is a picture-story show for a little over two minutes. This is because we assumed that the time that the visiting customer would be accepted was up to three minutes. This sales promotion tool that perfectly conveys the world view of the product within the time limit is an important graphic related to the purchase decision consciousness of the inner company as well as the outer potential customer.


The cherished attempt here is a scenario! It's so important that there is a movie world saying "scenario is king". I tried to compose the page structure. The scenarios of this communication tool can be summarized into three categories: "setting", "conflict", and "solving" . I will explain the thoughts on it and the flow including rough.

Think of cinematic design in psychology.
Explaining the sales floor Will the three-minute scenario assist?

スクリーンショット 2021-08-23 15.34_edited.jpg
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First, look at each function contained in the product, and in your mind, first apply the world view to see how it functions in the business scene and responds to it as a keyword. For example, a scene where you send and receive faxes and PDFs all at once. Faster print speed. The fact that data can be stored, the reason for attaching a key, and the business scene. Also, when the transition from monochrome to color, etc. I will convert the scene to see how it can be shown in about two minutes. The world view of the scenario that I arrived at is "Detective with an adventurous element".
And since the opening becomes an "important question of central question", I started from the business site where the management suddenly asked for help.

スクリーンショット 2021-08-22 17.40.10.png
スクリーンショット 2021-08-22 17.44.32.png
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Divide into three parts in the above figure.
● You are forced to get caught up in dangerous chaos. The hero who feels a sense of urgency at the confused office of the opening, which is just said to be useless. This is CQ (Central Question).
● Be chased by a mysterious group. Adventure to the unknown. Plot conversion scene. (At 20 to seconds)
● Run away at maximum speed and chase.
● Catastrophe in the middle. Dangerous delivery at high altitude. Plot conversion scene. (55-60 ~ seconds)
● Invasion of high-tech equipment hideouts.
● Negotiations for reconciliation. A highly controversial presentation at the enemy hideout that makes you feel successful. Plot conversion scene. (At 115 to seconds)
● Solution and emergence of a new world. The return of the champion at the climax. (At 145 to seconds)



You cannot survive as chaos.


The choice of color that will be ready for action.

スクリーンショット 2021-08-19 16.20.17.png

To the fastest speed that the business demands.

スクリーンショット 2021-08-19 16.20.47.png

A seamless relationship that connects offices.

スクリーンショット 2021-08-19 16.21.11.png

About design as problem solving: As an opening, the cover of A4 horizontal position is simply a concept word only. Navy blue back to convey a precise proposal.
And immediately to the next 1.2 page.
From here, we decided to create a double-page spread space in the horizontal position of A4 to give a sense of realism. When you flip the cover casually, the person who sees this communication tool on the wide screen at the beginning suddenly gets caught up in sudden confusion. Any chaos from the work environment. It's a pressure from an invisible partner called business.

Distributed information to assets.

スクリーンショット 2021-08-19 16.21.30.png

From cost reduction to pursuit of optimal cost.


"Innovation" named "optimal"


Visual design of scenarios can be assisted for sales sites.
I think it was the first epoch-making attempt to bring "scenario" as a customer journey into a corporate concept book as a clear method as a graphic communication tool. And at that time, I think the client's evaluation was high. It seems that the sales people were also easy to use.

As a result, this trend became the core of commercials (produced by Hakuhodo) and affected next-generation multifunction device products. This product was a pioneer for clients, but it should be noted that it was said that it contributed to profits as the first multifunction device very well.

Of course, not only this concept and design, but also the power of the company that works with the client is important. I would like to keep in mind that the bright clients who have a good heart have reached the completion while they have no time due to mutual trust. I sympathized with the future of this multifunction device.

A pile of invoices and documents in a dim and lazy office approaching dusk. Faxes, scanners, PCs and printers scattered all over the place are buried, and the setting of WHY? From the chaos world due to the need for organization and the entropy of confusion.  


This intro introduction section is a non-verbal one-page spread that combines the multi-layered state of setup (world view setting) + inviting incident (grabbing event) + central question (big question to be solved). Visually express the spirit.

Act II, the beginning of an adventure in color. A quartet of monotone suits chases. A woman in red who furiously leads with a dash and makes you imagine a color printout. A scene that makes her imagine that she desperately wants to deliver important documents to someone. By creating some kind of anomalous situation, it is the beginning of an adventure where the functions of the color multifunction device begin to be repeated.

Make them aware of the business time frame that attracts potential customers. It is important to imply that there is a time limit required to resolve the central question. In this case the watch implies. It means that business has time.  


It shows that the number and speed of printouts of the multifunction device are important as a function to solve this problem. It is dominated by a soaring print, an accelerating and high-revving tachometer, and a speedometer, which is not visible behind the watch on the wrist.

In addition, User Jani continues to be scared at high altitudes. Especially if there is no physical support. The woman in red, who was in the adjacent skyscraper, leaned out of the window to hand over the document to the main character, and applied a desperate situation like Mission Impossible.  


The hero of the chaos at the beginning that is about to be received. I pinched the action point required by the scenario. In other words, it is designed as an event that connects with the next setting like a baton touch.  


Here, it is explained that this multifunction device can exchange in any state of analog document and digital document. And as an important setting, so far the world of out doors.

Next, the world will change to a variety of office spaces called indoors. In other words, we are designing a feeling that the hero's return will gradually begin. It's important to turn the story in the opposite direction. Therefore, as a turning point, I thought that a warm color plan would be effective for the design of this double-page spread.


  The location is an area reminiscent of an international financial bank with strict security.


  The hero appears with a calm expression, and he is trying to get the result by calmly pressing some button to access the information.


  Posing that makes you feel even more affordable is easy to give longing and consent to customers in the field. Here, there is a function called the BOX function that can store document data scattered on various PCs of the office in one place. The key and warranty card with a close-up of the cut express the function of protecting more important confidential documents.

The story goes to the third act of solution.

Here, the climax of trading is created by showing the paper of the attache case and giving a presentation to the other party. The tension so far reaches the climax. The answer to the Central Question in Act 1 is revealed with YES / NO. The man who expresses feelings of skepticism is the gatekeeper Gate Kipper. However, the expression that the red woman (incarnation of the multifunction device) began to recognize the victory of the main character (boss) was made visible to the user candidates who see this concept book. And the client sitting in the chair is convinced and listens to the hero with a favorable impression.


  At this time, the protagonist and other characters were set to find and sympathize with what they were seeing.


  Also, I am aware that the series of dramas that challenged the hero to solve the central question was a confirmation of total adaptability to business.

The ending expresses the exhilarating return of Hero.

Conclude with a refreshing victory for the main character with this multifunction device OPTIMIZE. The original office, which was so stuffy, was brilliantly tidied up and designed with a fax machine, a scanner and a printer, and an optimized business space and functions. My partner's female employee is also pleased and has a happy ending.

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