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This is a service where I sell my original digital data.
From Da Vinci(スマホ壁紙)

From Da Vinci (smartphone wallpaper)

¥5,000 Regular Price
¥2,750Sale Price

This Da Vinci was painted in 1995. You knew the Tower of Babel about him. I tried not to understand each other's words. I was also thinking about a helicopter. After a while, I went to the Santa Maria delle Grazie monastery in 1998. Because there is the Last Supper of Da Vinci. I'm sure telepathy from the knowledge and action giant to you. MAC Quadora 950 with Shade, LivePicture, PhotoShop. Cannot be modified. Cannot be used for commercial purposes. Cannot be used for secondary purposes.

  • From Da Vinci (smartphone wallpaper)

    Cannot be modified Commercially not available Secondary use not possible Image size 1350  x 1038

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