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Produced in 2007  2019



Produced in 2017





Open the canvas on the second floor and you can see Hakone Shrine and Lake Ashi well.In 2017, the balcony was changed to a water resistant ceiling. There are four new drains on the balcony.


From materials of exchanges with architects and construction companies-2017

Produced in 2017

If heavy snow falls, a large block of snow of 100 kg or more will flow down and pile up from the roof to the balcony designed outdoors with canvas. I was relieved that this was left to the architect, but the entire balcony before attaching the canvas at the time of completion will be the saucer. In 2017, the architect again offered to do something like this (adding a large bay window), but this is because there is no design drawing and I do not know how to open and close the window. However, at an altitude of 790m, it was undeniable that the entire bay window could be damaged by heavy snow. Even the same JIA member, the Institute of Architecture, nodded, but the intentional existence of the balcony became unclear. So I decided to go with the balcony canvas that I had constructed so far . That is the level of thinking about rain and snow on the balcony in the figure above.

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Photos in 2008

About the interview of the first year of 2019 Reiwa

You can listen to the contents of the interview of the specialized magazine (April 2019 Reiwa) on YouTube by clicking Joint recording 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The house was completed in 2004. Passed the first screening of Good Design in 2019.

2003 Design : Studio Altech Murofushi Jiro Design Assistance : Yoshida Building Research Institute Akira Yoshida Construction Store : Ogawa Construction Store


Produced in 2019

​First year of Reiwa

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Produced in 2014

It is a veranda. I built it in 2014, but it was also useful during the construction in 2017.

Produced in 2008

Start with Mirai of Mukashi

 I think that building an old folk house or a house on a mountain slope is to keep the basics and devise a house and land to think about how to live in the mountainous region of 70% of Japan. Japan is a culture created by coexistence and symbiosis since ancient times. In the Edo period, temples, shrines, bridges and private houses were built without using nails. The so-called old building will continue to exist today. There is a story that a 100-year-old house that was built will be useless in decades. It is said that it is humid, but the wood used is different. This is because the tree is fundamentally weak. This is because we import and use trees that are grown in a hurry and cheap trees. Before the old trees were burnt in the war, they built private houses using large Japanese trees as the key.

In this way, I am happy to be able to live in Hakone, an urban country near the city center, and bring this old Iwate folk house built by Mukashi to Mirai, a Japanese person. We would like to thank the director of the Japanese folk house garden in Kawasaki, the traders, and the director of the Kesen Carpentry and Tradition Museum in Iwate for all their wisdom and advice . A wonderful photo is Mitsumasa Fujitsuka.

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2020年に煙突とストーブを JOTULの一番の大型の新品にしました。

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​In 2018, I went to see Iwate, who was born in an old folk house, with everyone. Mr. and Mrs. Fumihiko Sasaki who coordinated and Mr. and Mrs. Chida who handed over the old folk house Thank you very much for being late. Also, thank you to Mitsue Hirono, Ryutaro, and Akira Abe of Iwate.

スクリーンショット 2022-02-02

Photo:​ Yoko Nonoshita

  • Guidelines for owner implementation amendments and re-construction (intermittent from 2007 to 2019): entrance canvas outer wall, roof veranda canvas, first floor terrace canvas construction (construction by a canvas specialty store), system kitchen installation, flooring of the first floor entrance passage , First floor toilet flooring, eaves tool storage , kitchen room floor full marble flooring, external wooden deck and external stairs, approach flower bed, parking lot and exterior , GL concrete processing in front of the entrance of the backyard column pillar, wood shed, entrance wall Painting, home farm, first floor entrance lighting work (construction by electrical equipment company), movement of poles and power lines in the garden (construction by electric power company) , expansion of gas outlets (construction by gas company), extension of electricity in approach , Replacement of new wood stove and chimney. (The underline of the eaves tool storage is YouTube, and there are three in front, middle, and back.)

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Ask the people in the Graduate School Construction Planning Laboratory about the charm of the house.

​This is the feeling of this house. Exhibited in 2019 by applying for the 2020 Good Design Award. The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design counseling and recommendation system in Japan that was established in the Showa era. I put it just in front of the corona.


The general idea of this old folk house and the names of the people who refined the old folk house are given. ( Documents to be submitted for GOOD DESIGN AWARD)


GOOD DESIGN AWARD submission panel.


​The site of this building

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