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Humans changed by technology.

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What were you all doing exactly in 1990? In the same year after the bubble burst, I jumped into the world of graphic design using computers. Then, in 1994, I encountered a new horizon: the Internet. I realized that just one click on the Internet has the power to move people's hearts as they marvel at the events happening on the other side of the world, from Tokyo to NASA in the USA. This innovative technology has expanded our worldview and opened up new possibilities. On the other hand, the spread of computer technology was met with resistance even in the advertising industry. Large advertising agencies, in particular, stuck to their traditional methods and did not want the spread of computer technology. The reason was simple. For example, they were afraid that directors and designers would not be able to go on location with their idols. As a creator, I was deeply moved by this resistance to technological innovation. Many people are now saying that AI will take your job away.

However, over the next 30 years, the world gradually changed. Nowadays, PCs are widely used by people of all ages and genders, and we are now moving into an era where even elementary school students are playing with mobile phone-type computers. Once upon a time, people used to play with kite flying, but now PCs have become a necessity in Japan. A revolution is slowly and surely taking place. In 2023, the moment AI appears,[Oyaji AI]A new dawn has dawned.

People have their own unique talents. Even if I can't draw, I want to be able to express myself using a computer. I want to shoot videos even if I don't have the money to shoot them. Even if you're not good at music, you want to create melodies that touch your heart. I also want to freely create memorable commercial scenarios, shoot in unknown locations, and capture memories with my loved ones on film. We're entering a generation where people are born with a computer by default.

If you think about it, what we communicate is limited to messages, words, visuals, and images.It is said that people use visuals 80% of the time to communicate, and words only 20%.Anyone can speak words, but not everyone can draw pictures. Many people say that they are not good at drawing or music. Therefore, our mission at Telepathy Co., Ltd. is to use the power of AI to enable everyone to express their imaginations and feelings through pictures, videos, music, and words, thereby enriching society. Humans changed by technology. Let's start with those who have realized that ``I already have a computer, and AI is the starting point.'' New Year's Day 2024

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