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有限会社Telepathy : 代表 柴山 信廣 
業務内容:企画ディレクション/クリエイティブ /ART/空間開発。


柴山 信廣

Telepathy Company Limited Nobuhiro Shibayama

Business content: ART, creators, concepts, seminars, space development.

Joined a corporate strategy and design office. After that, he worked as a creator at the advertising agency ADK. Retired aiming to go around the world to broaden the horizons. On the way, I instinctively realized that people and the earth are connected in India and returned to Japan in a hurry. Since 1990, Shibayama has been directly involved in communication design for Japanese companies, and started hosting creative agencies in the early days of computers, producing products that incorporate computers into their designs. If you have any questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Telepathy Company Limited

Head office: National Park  Hakone design

Expression seeks technique, and technique seeks expression. And ART supports the industry.


Regions and cities in Japan. Cycle to life and work.

It connects local and business cities with abundant water and greenery in the surrounding areas unique to Japan.

A climate where these four seasons are clear and separated from the continent.

Each business is not a single independent entity, but a broad and continuous entity.

Local power will also develop ART, which will be part of the network for the future.


Respect for Wakoku

Japanese design that evokes a reaction for business and people to have diverse relationships with the future.

A special country that has developed uniquely to Japan while accepting the power of its relationship with society.

We will create ART that evokes the sensibilities and sensations that Japanese people in Wakoku originally have.


Pursuit of a sense of telepathy

Rare things catch the eye and hold the heart.

Use a flash outside the subtle sensations that anyone can do. In other words, it is wave energy outside the category of mind.

It's a sense, an inspiration, an understanding. Want to buy. I don't want to buy it. This is telepathy that creates an atmosphere.

Understand by feeling, not by words, past the mind.

Achievement sponsor: NTT  Hewlett-Packard  Microsoft  SONY CANON  Ministry of education  Benesse  NEC Software Japan Sports Association   Hitachi Koki CMIC Group  ADK etc.

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