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This is Nobuhiro Shibayama's face photo.


Telepathy Ltd.: Representative  Nobuhiro Shibayama

Job content: AI creator / director / Planning /  Web / Advertising / Graphics /

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Achievement sponsors: City factories and hospitals / NTT / Hewlett-Packard / Microsoft / SONY / Canon / Benesse / NEC Software / Japan Sports Association / Hitachi Kogyo Machine /  CMIC Group /  Advertising agency ADK, etc.

Greetings from Telepathy

Expression requires technology, and technology requires expression.

Telepathy Co., Ltd. is in charge of creative, planning and direction, and web-related projects. I, Nobuhiro Shibayama, am the representative of this company.

[Career and vision]I originally worked at a corporate strategy and design office, and then gained experience as a creator at ADK, an advertising agency. When I went on a trip around the world in 1989, I had an intuition in India that ``people, people, and the earth are connected.'' This experience is the basis of the philosophy I value in design. From 1990, he focused on communication design for Japanese companies and hosted his own creative studio. We also create web and paper media to discover issues and find solutions.

[Current status and outlook for the future]At the end of 2019, I experienced a cerebral hemorrhage and am currently dealing with the aftereffects of higher brain dysfunction. Specifically, there are restrictions on the movement of the right side of the body. Still, we are leveraging new technology and AI (artificial intelligence) to move forward. No matter your age or health status, we work on projects that will shape your future. As a ``slightly futuristic advertising production agency,'' we intend to work together with everyone to make the world a better place. Thank you very much.

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We also provide the following services:

 New Service

Increase sales by showcasing your services
Mission ​.

When I first started the company, I gained experience as an advertising designer for 6 years in visual development and image compositing. After that, for about 24 years, I was directly asked by companies to plan and direct their advertisements, and I was involved in design and copy.


However, at the end of 2019, I fell ill and am currently updating this website while also undergoing rehabilitation. Coincidentally, the pandemic started this year, and AI will be on the rise in 2023. In this new year, the number of people who want to be asked to do work has increased, whether they are businessmen or freelancers.


Therefore, by showing and communicating“I want to buy my future with that product!”We will plan to be selected.

Many successful clients.

​Please see the site.I have experience in planning and design for many companies.

with private mentorship

Learn planning.

Course price (including fees): 29,800 yen

Session time: Zoom 60 minutes/time


I will give a branding lecture on Zoom.

We are currently receiving payments via PayPal.  

We work closely with our students and deliver value that exceeds the course price.

*After purchase, we will send you a calendar link to select your session date.​.

contact address

We utilize the visualization and design experience we have cultivated over the years,

We respond to the needs of our customers.

●Managers and individual entrepreneurs

●Advertising industry professionals, designers, consultants,

Art directors, agents, freelancers

●People who would like to make a request from Telepathy Co., Ltd.

●People in charge of various departments such as corporate advertising departments

We look forward to hearing from you.

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