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Produced in 1990

Art from the early days of computers in 1990.

​Castle of the Three Kingdoms in the early days of computers
It was so difficult to model hundreds of roof tiles alone. For example, let's say you pull out one roof tile. Then, it took 30 to 60 minutes just to watch the correct arrangement on the screen by saying redraw. The time was 1990, that was the time. The graph on the lower right is a sign of my brain waves.


Produced in 1990

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PUMA magazine advertisement

Produced in 1990


  • client: PUMA リーベルマンウエルシェリー

  • project: PUMA雑誌広告

  • cg 柴山信廣

  • ad: 須藤勻

  • production サミットクリエイティブ

  • agency: ADK


Produced in 1990

The letter "i" rendered for the first time after getting a desktop computer. I rendered it at 4:30 in the evening, and in the morning, the rendering wasn't finished yet. But I felt the future.

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