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From Pasteur (smartphone wallpaper)

From Pasteur (smartphone wallpaper)

¥5,000 Regular Price
¥2,750Sale Price

Pasteur, the creator of vaccination, is one of the world's leading biochemists and microbiologists. For example, he has now discovered that immunity can be obtained by inoculating the attenuated microorganisms in question all over the world. Lesser known, he likes pastel paintings and lithographs, leaving 40 portraits of his family and relatives between the ages of 13 and 20. Art and chemistry. At first glance, this is the opposite field, but it can be said that his discovery of the century was due to his artist's point of view. Telepathy from him, a biochemist, microbiologist and artist. MAC Quadora 950 with Shade, LivePicture, PhotoShop. Cannot be modified. Cannot be used for commercial purposes. Cannot be used for secondary purposes. 

  • 改変不可 商用利用不可 二次利用不可 (スマホ壁紙)