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Produced in 2002

Odaiba Decks Advertising

Sumisho Urban Development

Decks Tokyo Beach Poster

2002 Graphic

Six years after DECKS was created, DECKS itself is aging, so the brand also wanted to re-build. Therefore, with the concept of "DECK = deck = ship", we developed various advertisements over the course of a year.

  • Holding area Odaiba and Tokyo

  • Genre Stations and stores

  • Project period about 2 months

  • Agency Odakyu Agency

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Produced in 2002

Produced in 2002

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Produced in 2004

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  • client: Decks Sumisho Urban Development →

  • project: poster

  • agency: Odakyu Agency

  • mission: DECKS is completed and rebranding and announcement of Daiba 1-chome


Produced in 2001

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Miwi Hashimoto Advertising


  • client: MeWe 

  • project: Station poster

  • agency: Odakyu Agency

  • mission: Mewe Hashimoto Open Announcement

  • photo: shinnichi fukuchi

Sumisho Urban Kaihaku Co., Ltd.

MEWE Hashimoto poster


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Produced in 1999

  • client: Plala Networks Co., Ltd.  project: Magazine ads

  • agency: ADK  

  •   mission: Provider new service announcement  

  •   artist: shinichi fukui

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