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Produced in 1995



"Design Your Story"


I want to breathe new life into the next century, and I continue to work on the theme of "restoring humanity and moisturizing life." The project "Design Your Story" introduced here is an attempt to record the people living in the present. Human charm and splendor are innate. In order to record it, I photographed people I met in various places and asked them to answer the questionnaire. And I designed an original logo mark that represents another person's self. Oneself through the filter of photography and another self symbolized. We will explore people's identities.

At the same time, we will also announce a group of works with the motif of tapestries that actually existed in medieval France, which we have been working on since last year. In the 15th century, the historical facts about Beauvais, a provincial city in France, were represented as tapestries and dedicated to the bishop of a church. This bishop also has a coat of arms that represents his identity and is depicted in the tapestry. It is said that many such tapestries existed in France at that time, but now they are scattered or disappeared and almost none remain. However, reproductions (etching) of these tapestries still exist as a collection of works, and it is a work that expresses while incorporating a modern sense by making full use of CG technology with reference to them. We have developed two stories, those who lived in the present age and those who lived in the Middle Ages. 

In addition, this project was supported by friends and many people I met in various places. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Nobuhiro Shibayama         

CANON digital solo exhibition
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