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Produced in 1994


Maxell  MO

Issues and solutions: The request was to appeal the reliable data storage capability of MOs using new magnetic recording materials. Therefore, while dealing with important data such as science, printing, and medicine, we focused on three industries in which the field changed to PC work style with considerable momentum at that time. Architecture, printing and medical. Da Vinci, Gutenberg and Pasteur were selected as candidates. Appeared in the space of each specialized industry. MacⅡfx ・ Swire risk board x 4

  • Industry / industry            Magnetic MO, optical components

  • Genre              Communication

  • Project period      About 2 months, 1 month, 1 month

  • scope         Concept formulation / art direction / shooting CG / copywriting (external staff)

  • Produce Mainichi Advertising

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​Presentation rough

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Left: Nobuhiro Shibayama​ Right: Reiko Chiba

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