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Psychological concept formulation and design.

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Expressions that sympathize with it will lead to sales results.

If a breakthrough product can be sold first, then the clear function and efficacy of the product should be communicated first, but not so when it comes to late sales. The next thing to think about is to sell "value" instead of "things". This is to find out and guide the benefits of the functions that the product can promise, and think through how to convey it. In the case of this generic product, the synesthesia is that the customer wants to use the product to gain the benefits of some task. Therefore, I searched for customer convenience. Products are offered by companies. However, we were able to contribute to No. 1 sales by consulting and designing the products that consumers bought while paying attention to the "satisfaction" due to their utility.

Challenges and solutions: The strategy and sales concept for the emergence of color MFPs, which is disadvantageous to the market, was left to us. Comfortable rather than selling products. I thought that I should convey my presence as an intellectual partner rather than equipment. After investigating, I came to the conclusion that office work can be linked and streamlined within a single machine. Then, I found that I could improve my working style with the functions that I had caught apart. With that in mind, we have derived the concept of optimizing business in the office, OPTIMIZE. (Optmize: optimization)

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Copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners that revolt against the office.

Are they really maximizing the power of the business?

A document machine that cannot demonstrate the power of color.

A business bottleneck that slows down your business.

Network disruption that hinders office communication.

Document / machine management that amplifies invisible costs.

There is only "chaos" that does not lead to the competitiveness of the business.

I thought about such a copy.


In the work of developing this concept book, we completely reviewed the sales method so far and designed it to be useful for brand formation. We have prepared for the launch of the product, the first release to establish a lasting brand.

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And I designed this as a picture-story show so that all sales people can use it. The important thing here is the scenario. A design element that is so important that there is a saying in the movie world called scenario is king. The scenario of this communication tool "OPTIMIZE Story" is centered around the folklore scholar Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces . Campbell's wisdom can usually be summarized into three things: "setting," "conflict," and "solving ." It was a design that clarified the points of appeal of the story and functions behind this communication tool, so it took a lot of ingenuity. We also tried a design that took into consideration how to show and how to proceed so that the salesman could explain to the customer on the spot in just over 2 minutes. I think these were well represented by the collaboration of a wonderful cameraman. With this and comprehensive strength, at the end of the same year, the sales of multifunction devices became the highest in Japan. 

Completed OPTIMIZE sales tool
  • Industry / industry          Cameras, office equipment

  • area             Inner & Outer Communication Tools

  • Genre             Multifunction device concept book

  • Project period      About 4 months

  • scope          Concept development / Information design / Art direction / Design / Visual scenario development / Shooting styling, Stylist / Copy / Project management / Camera CG (external photographer Shinichi Honda )

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2002.10 Graphic / Web /
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OPTIMIZE’s ability to discover issues is

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