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Produced in 2014


Information site for GH knowledge and enlightenment and prescription of new drugs at hospitals

Challenges and solutions: GH is a cold sore that can be placed in an important place. An information site within the corporate site of a pharmaceutical manufacturer that specializes in GH for Japanese people, including knowledge and enlightenment, and prescription of new drugs at hospitals. The disease is especially difficult for patients to find a counselor. The courage of the first step.


Japanese modest and morally delicate content. Make it a reality.
Japan hesitates to consult. Cherish various backbones.
I don't want to get angry when youths aren't good.

Think carefully about whether you feel the courage and peace of mind to take a step from a standstill.
It should not be a strategy.
Consider the integrity of the pharmaceutical manufacturer.


 I think the person has already obtained the information.
How can we change from a static state to a dynamic state?
There are roughly three ways to take action.


1: Relax your body 2: Support your surroundings 3: Get accepted It has nothing to do with relaxing your body on this site. Getting the support of those around you is counterproductive.

It seems that you can accept it with confidence.
This depends on the quality of the site by valuing the elements that cannot be verbalized.

Mind Reading Test 言語化できないWill acceptを引き出す。

The model audition is 30 people.
Mind reading is very important.
Pull out Will accept that cannot be verbalized.

This mind-reading of British developmental psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen refers to the "ability to know the human mind" that is inherent in every human being. A test also used by Dr. Kevin Dutton.

Even if you don't speak or speak, the mask, facial expression, and subtle body tilt are transmitted to the other party.
A message that goes beyond image photography.
Being able to capture the honesty and naturalness of a company as a personality.
It is very important to shoot it.

It is important to be able to convey basic information, infections and symptoms, and treatment methods for this delicate illness warmly and gently. It is important to get along well with GH, to have a consultation about your worries, and to have them understand the basic information. The next important thing is to see a female doctor who is as forgiving as possible as a woman. Therefore, we also set up a hospital search with a female doctor so that we could gently convey information about that hospital. This increased the number of hospital visits and aimed to improve the mental and physical health of patients.

● Industry / Industry Pharmaceutical manufacturer ● Genre Corporate site ● Project period Approximately 4 months ● Device PC
● Scope Information design / art direction / design / coding / system development / project management

/ Model selection / Shooting ● Agency MDS Co., Ltd.


Produced in 2014

Produced in 2014

Produced in 2014

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