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HP Designers Lab
Planning and operation of a large printer experience-based showroom in Aoyama, Tokyo

Challenges and Solutions: Innovative products don't have to sell just ads. Clarify the mission and produce results in event planning.

 A large printer whose sales have been increasing overseas as the next main product of desktop inkjet printers. There was a consultation about what to do in order to be recognized and sold in Japan as well. How can you accept the strong points that can be used even though it is a large print? As a persona, the first thing that comes out is the designer. Next is the super manager. lost. Ultimately, we propose to let users experience for themselves what kind of benefits printers in this category will bring. This epoch-making hands-on lab was designed to train early adopters.

A plan to actually introduce various expected target users, rent out equipment for a short period of time, and interview at a later date. Received the Nikkei MAC Advertising Award. In 1996, when we couldn't easily produce large-format output in terms of cost and quality, we made a presentation at a later date from the viewpoint of "the importance of actual experience", and the following "HP Designer's LABO" was realized.

Experience graphic design

The purpose is to gather, know, and use.

We made a plan for how to attract customers and use 5 printers without any gaps with the limited opening for 3 months.

We have gone through the pre-stage to train a companion lady who understands the operation method and can explain the equipment and an engineer who can talk with professionals about technical aspects such as the mechanism of inkjet.

In addition, the procedure for direct call operations and complaint handling has also been made into a manual. I posted the actual output of this printer by holding down the medium of the poster posted on the station of the main station in Tokyo. Advertise in target magazines. The result was full for 3 months. In addition, we asked for coverage in a wide variety of media and were featured in many magazines free of charge. As a result of the echo, large printers have come to be recognized and used in Japan. Customers in the same industry have also been visiting with great interest.

  • Holding area           Tokyo Aoyama

  • Industry / industry            PC IT solution printer

  • Genre             Outer communication

  • Project period      About 6 months

  • scope          Concept formulation / Venue selection contract / Operation design guideline formulation Production / Companion education / Printing engineer education / PC / design magazine media public relations / A / B test etc. Operation design / Improvement program / Operation / Art direction / Shooting / Copywriting / DM Shipping / attracting customers

A place where you can experience graphic design

Produced in 1996

Experience the strong appeal and potential of large inkjets for branding.

large inkjet printer
Large inkjet printer LABO

Produced in 1996

Practicing the innovative station-bari poster method using DTP's large-scale inkjet printer for the first time in Japan. 
An epoch-making station poster that can be printed one by one will be realized.
This is to convey the feasibility of station posters even in small companies.
Producers can directly negotiate media and publish.
Posted on JR and subway, Aoyama, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, Tokyo Station, etc. for one month before the start of the lab.

Can be used with large inkjet printers
LABO venue

Selection of location Guidance to irregular rental contract negotiation venues.

90-day long event.
Another 3 months to plan and prepare.
Approximately 6 months in total.

I want a lot of people to try it.

Large inkjet printer with a plan in mind

A large printer you've never seen

Used by customers all over. answer the questions.

Please feel it.

That is the mission.

Assist with graphic design

There are always two companions at the lab venue.
Choose a companion for 5 people and use the equipment,
Pre-training to understand the functions and explain at the venue.

Customers with output experience need a DTP professional.
Two people helped explain the technology of the equipment and human resources to deal with troubles.

Japan's best Bali station poster.
Japan's best Bali station poster.

Japan's first 1996
DTP's large inkjet printer epoch-making station poster.

I'll print your poster.

Direct mail was delivered to architects, DTPs, graphic designers and university professors.

Assist with graphic design

All customers need to make a reservation. First of all, fill all 5 cars in order.
For diving customers, we will consider the margin to use when replacing reserved customers.
Gaze at the schedule. The five companions form an attendance rotation.
The engineer at the venue will explain the printer.

Photographer and interviewer LABO

Preliminary work 3 months before the start of Aoyama Lab. A product that is not yet on sale.
We had you use the preceding three people freely for one month before opening.
I'm a designer, a record company, and a supermarket manager.
He talked about the charm and practicality through interviews and shooting.

HP Large Inkjet Printer Case Study Advertisement:

Various expected target users will actually appear, and equipment will be rented and interviewed. Received the Nikkei MAC Advertising Award. In 1997, when we couldn't easily produce large-format output in terms of cost and quality, we planned and realized "HP Designer's LABO" from the viewpoint of "importance of actual experience".

HP large inkjet printer advertisement:

Produced in 1996

I was in time for the advertisement two months before the opening.
It was published in PC-related, design magazines, and food-related media.

HP Designer's LABO:

A showroom for designers to experience free output for three months from August to October 1996. I did all the operations. Actually, it was a long time for 5 months including pre-training and data collection after the event. Since it is a field that the target target is good at, such as education of companions, education of output / DTP specialists, creation of operation schedules, etc., we have made it possible to create detailed response manuals. In addition, we were able to make the most of the publicity of each digital magazine being held.

HP large inkjet printer example advertisement:
HP large inkjet printer example advertisement
HP large inkjet printer

The filled list of visitors and questionnaires will be reported to the client.
After that, it was taken over by the sales staff and sales activities started.
It started to sell. He said he would like to handle the products he sees for the first time, even at home electronics mass retailers.
The store was closed with regret.
The project is completed successfully.

HP large inkjet printer store

Produced in 1996

HP large inkjet printer
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