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Hulet Packard Corporate Advertising

Dare to reduce the amount of information and keep it simple. Communicate the mission effectively.

The design that conveys a big concept and corporate attitude is equal to "designing the message of the leader of the company". In other words, it will convey big things in a straightforward manner. For this, it is important to first find and dig up the central theme together and simply pursue it so that it becomes a promise to everyone and a true message. Also, the user wonders why that is the case.  1: Is the theme aggregated towards the goal?  2: Is the means of expression (visual, copy, position) aggregated towards that purpose?  3: Can you clearly explain the purpose? While thinking about them, we will create a simple design that is the essence so that it can be accepted instantly.

Produced the first 8P multi-company advertisement for Hewlett-Packard Japan. Produced with a pioneering spirit, from orientation to film delivery. Even if it turns out that the product cannot be arranged and shooting is not possible during the process of production, the quality can be achieved by producing everything from the appearance photo of the product and the external size specifications using 3D software and combining it with the live-action model. I made it a high visual. The visual concept "blue frame" is an image directly linked to the HP logo mark, and is a key visual that leaves an impression on the user. These were similarly deployed on the Web.

​Hewlett-Packard Corporate Advertisement

HP Advertisement
HP 2021-09-06 Advertisement
HP 2021-09-06 99.9% of ads
HP advertisement 3
HP advertising top
HP advertisement

Produced in 1998

Produced in 1998

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