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Covering Shibayama Advertising Conference 1
Covering Shibayama Advertising Conference/HP
Covering Shibayama Advertising Conference/Hyper Craft
Coverage of Shibayama Advertising Conference/Daiko

Just four years ago, when I heard that there was a printer that could output works made with Macintosh in A zero size, I asked the owner, President Satoshi Anzai of Hypercraft. At that time, Mr. Anzai started running a CD-ROM software shop in a room in a condominium in Hiroo, but he was originally an expert in architectural art. He made a drastic capital investment, saying, "I want to make use of the DTP function of Mac in my work." The rumored printer "Iris" is so excellent that no alternative has appeared even now. It can be said that it is unique hardware in the computer industry. Shibayama does not hide his respect for Mr. Anzai's foresight and judgment. That should be the case, and Mr. Anzai has achieved great success as a businessman. We built a distribution system for CD-ROM software in just two years and opened directly managed shops nationwide. Just recently, I opened it in Shibuya Parco. Mr. Shibayama, who says, "President Anzai is like a radar to me," must always feel the new heartbeat of computers from the huge number of CD-ROM software that is full of hypercrafts.

Mr. Shibayama has appeared as an image character. The people in charge of Maxell, Asahi Advertising Inc., planned this advertisement. It was a competitive presentation. "I won the presentation because the work was good," Shibayama emphasizes. While saying, "Advertising companies have a lot of people involved and are like dinosaurs." The wonders of the energy created by the encounter of multiple humans are more than sufficient. On top of that, he dares to say, "The advertising industry should be better at computer software." Perhaps it is because we are reading that the era of multimedia everyday is an opportunity for further development of the advertising industry.



Originally, the website of this university did not seem to be attractive in the way information is displayed and the design, and I wanted to make it look attractive even in my faculty alone, so I dared to call out to your company. As a result, I was really surprised to see that it was more than I expected. And, as for the ideas I'm thinking about one after another, I was greatly helped by the detailed movement of knowledge, design ability and coverage ability that can be immediately repelled like ping pong. It is very popular with students. I'm really thankful to you.

I'm really glad you asked for it at your house.

I am really grateful to both the top management and myself for creating a site that really refreshes my mind.

I really realized that creating a corporate site means organizing the organization of the company.

I am truly grateful that Mr. Shibayama's proposal was able to resolve the disagreements and disagreements among the people in the department that I can only meet once in a while.

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