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AR (Augmented Reality) Media Content & Marketing.

First of all, I made a postcard for an inn by saying augmented reality through iOS and Android. This is to set AR on the postcard that was sent, and scan the postcard with a camera such as an iPhone that everyone has now. Then AR (Augmented Reality) with audio occurs. If you are interested in seeing this video, you can skip to the next AR video or the original site. Its comfort creates tremendous convenience.

AR is an abbreviation for Augmented Reality. Generally translated as "augmented reality". Sometimes translated as "augmented reality" or "augmented reality".

When you take a picture of the surrounding area with a smartphone camera, the character is displayed in real time on top of real goods, scenery, and scenery. In addition, the voice prepared in advance is played back from the smartphone at the same time. You can go to the next site you have prepared. Hakone love here! Click button will appear. In addition, the next AR on the monument​ It is also possible to go to the next spot by guiding the elements of. It is also possible to go around the spots by continuing this.

Produced in 2010

AR "adds information display to the actual landscape" and "makes the reality more meaningful with camera images".

As an example of AR, various patterns have appeared, such as taking pictures of postcards in Hakone or alleys in tourist spots and displaying information boards to invite actions to the next place, displaying auxiliary information on images taken at the time of surgery, etc. is doing.

AR (Augmented Reality).

VR (Virtual Reality) builds the next reality in a computer with 3D space as another world.

MR (Mixed Reality) can further integrate AR and VR technologies to manipulate information and objects.

Because of this, facebook has changed its name to Meta. The new brand is a brand that shows that it is a metaverse-first social technology company with a stance of focusing on the next-generation platform realized by technologies such as VR and MR, or the new form of the Internet, "Metaverse".

However, what is called triple media was proposed here. How is it different from the idea of media around 2010? Let's grasp it and utilize it for marketing. The video footage is 2011. The basics are the same, but mass media, and PAID Media will be much weaker from now on. Now, it is the elderly who are watching TV reports. Furthermore, 0% of teens see the news in PAID Media newspapers (from Bunshun). Therefore, it may be better to prepare to focus on your own media and social media. It is better to think that there is a clear difference from now on for influencers such as good EARND Media such as social rather than PAID Media such as TV.

year 2012

This is a video of Hakone HOT21 in April 2012. It leads to the concept of the top AR image. This was explained for Hakone Town Hall officials, but it may be a good hint to start AR video from now on.


​When you come up with an idea.

* 1 4P4C as a strategy

  • Product   : Customer Value

  • Price     : Cost for the customer

  • Distribution (Place)   : Customer convenience (Convenience)

  • Promotion: Communication with customers

  • There are many other templates such as SWOT and PEST.

Simon Sinek and the Golden Circle

Simon Sinek says that the great companies and people who move people are based on the simple pattern of "golden circles."

The golden circle is constructed based on Why (why do it), How (how to do it), and What (what to do) as shown in the above figure. This golden circle is explained by taking the computer company "Apple" as an example.

​The last campen in the video is not done right now.

It seems that the guidelines are necessary to some extent not only for large companies but also for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises.

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