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I'm finding it like NFT right now. My introduction & ART- CG


Picture taken 1993

​Image of the future at that time

​Tokyo Polytechnic University introduction video

Picture taken 1995

Information program catch-up "new design method"

Picture taken 1992

HP scanner video

Picture taken 1994

Picture taken 1997

Returning from a trip to India and talking about the future of creativity

Picture taken1995


Sound taken1993

YKK sound gararyShibayama+KatouKazuhiko
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FMt Tokyo December 4, 1993 That now deceasedTo Mr. Kazuhiko KatoI chose a selection of songs with the theme of Monochrome City.

Produced in 1998

Produced in 1994


Produced in1996


Produced in1996

David in 1994 manipulates CG

Photo taken in 1997

How to make Shade
Shade package design

Produced in1994

Produced in1992

Produced in1992

Produced in1998

Nobuhiro Shibayama
Brutus's brainwaves and memory

Produced in1997


Produced in 1999


Produced in 1999


Produced in 1999


Produced in 1999


Produced in 1999


Produced in 1999


Produced in 1999

start working on a computer3 years have passedTa1993 Telephone Reportin 2023First year of AIread it to​.

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​Third visual​
 It has been a long time since computers entered design offices and advertising agencies. In the past, designers only had two types of visuals (illustrations and photographs), but the production environment has changed dramatically as designers have acquired the means of visual production known as computers.
Taking the example of creating visuals in a studio up until now, we can accurately judge the situation and make decisions during the process of choosing a photographer, choosing a studio, creating props, and thinking about how to intertwine models. AD's capabilities have been demonstrated in the process of doing so. In an era when all visuals are converted into electronic color information by computers, almost everything involved in production will be processed visually on a computer in a virtual space. In this case, multiple computers are selected and combined and various software is used on them, so the ability to judge the countless options that arise from permutations and combinations is beginning to be required.
At present, computers have become personal, and at the same time they are in the hands of designers, they are also required to perform multiple tasks on their own. However, eventually each job function, once converged, will be reorganized on computers, including specialized machines, and will be differentiated into new job categories. From now on, ADs will be required to have the ability to put these together and the ability to judge cost performance.
(Nobuhiro Shibayama = CG director)


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Digital Image 1997 Venue

Photo taken in 1997

TITLE: New Design Structure-8th 1996 Step by Step-1


DATE: 06/06/1995 10:48:25 AM -----

A place and an event

As I heard from the event producer, this was a few years ago (around 1992) using ISDN and satellites to bring a family traveling overseas from Japan to a foreign husband on a business trip using a videophone conference system. , It seems that he made a meeting with his family, his wife, and children who are left in Japan. Until the day before, my wife used to talk with her husband on the home phone about what happened today, what happened at her child's school, and today's menu. When I saw the face of my husband who was transferred on the big menu, I was trying to talk a lot, but I couldn't speak a word with tears.

I was impressed with this story. It wasn't the first time in 10 years that I met my disappeared family on a TV variety show, but I was impressed by the benefits and places of technology. The torn family gained from a wealth of information the realization that they are certainly living on the other side of the globe through the venue and the space created by technology. People can feel relieved just by talking on the phone, but I thought that seeing their faces really had an impact on humans.

Speaking of me, there was something like this. About 20 years ago, when I went touring with Furari on a motorcycle for a few days, when a biker coming from the opposite side sent back a peace sign, it was a bike that ran a long distance at high speed with a sense of mutual awareness. It was somewhat similar to that feeling of confidence in the machine. Bikes and winding roads are technology-guaranteed places.

It may be easier to understand the place in terms of aspects, but it is connected while separating the two parts. For example, a mountain or the sea, a place that transcends a certain absurdity, whether or not there is a party there.

At present, I am wondering if the network of cables and servers called the Internet can be regarded as a place, and I also wonder if the place itself can be incorporated into the method of content expression.

In 1995 of the above article, international calls were still unusually high. Added in April 2022

Shibayama 3D in 1995

Produced in199Five

Produced in2023

Produced in1993

I read this 1993 text in March 2023. A long time ago, 30 years ago, I predicted that creators would be reborn as a new profession. That's exactly what happened. Now that AI is on the rise, ChatGPT and others are finally starting to write for blogs. AI is now used in Excel, 3D, websites, PHP programs, and illustrations. It's more scary than convenient. 1: Discover the issue → 2: Find the answer to the issue → 3: Implement it. AI will provide the answer to the second problem. The other two are done by people. In other words, from now on, it will be important for people to be clear about what they want to investigate. On the other hand, AI has a huge amount of information on all of humanity's past history. It looks like we'll be able to find that answer in the future. ​The rest is for people to take action based on the information they have obtained. In order to discover the problem in step 1, spells, or prompts, for the AI are important.This is prompt engineering.

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