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Produced in 1991

New Declaration for NTT Anode Energy Corporation

The power of information to you.

Challenges and solutions: 1991. What should we do with the dawn of NTT's digital information age and the outer and inner communication of group power? What should the message to the outside be? He said that he would like to convey the future promotion of NTT as a telecommunications carrier and the entire NTT Group, including mobile operations. We aimed to express the declaration of the entire corporate group, which is proceeding with the reorganization, reorganization, integration, and consideration and modification of the existing companies that have been established so far, more strongly than NTT Advertising.

A corporate message that heralds the arrival of a new era. By expressing "stepping into a new situation", the inside and outside of the company are synchronized.

Advertising is not something that is completed by itself, but something that the viewer of the advertisement completes. On top of that, the viewer reads the design, creates meaning, and creates a place where the customer's ideology and symbolic symbolic expression are combined by the visuals and copies that are visible. In this way, it will not arrive unless you open the gate considering how the message replaces it internally. Here, by appealing to the emotional area that communicates to judge youth, wonder, and mystery, we have announced the dawn of a new era for companies. This design became the flagship of the company and was posted at airports, stations, etc. as well as 4 mass media, and then became the concept of TV commercials, and the entire organization and customers were synchronized.

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NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

Shorten the distance between Japan and the world through information and mobile communications. To a new industrial structure.
This is the challenge

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

Originally started from Japanese telegrams and telephones . That's why NTT.

NTT mobile phone started.

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。
NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

One of the ideas for the expression concept.
"Your distance is near."
Not bad. But I can't imagine it well.

Can you explain why the company is moving forward and where it is heading?
This driving force cannot be fully communicated to customers and organizations.

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

I want to draw information more closely. I want to draw my heart.
How is information useful? What will happen?

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

bright future?
A safe and comfortable future?
thin. I can't see the vision.

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

The future of information and communication technology ? weak.
It is in line with the plan and concept.
However, if the visual is taken as it is, something is missing. No, no.
I can't see the important message of "why".

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

Think back to the beginning.
Where did we come from?
What has the information helped me?
Since ancient times, we cannot live alone.

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

A strong remark by Mr. Seigo Matsuoka, Creative Director of this campaign project and Director of Information Engineering Research Institute. 
"Information has caused a big bang and evolved the industry.
That is the appearance of books. "
Is the textual information that is cloned (replicated) an innovation?
Can you shape the invisible haze?

 I sought to aim for the truth of the universe and the sense of the world like a mysterious prophecy that had been hidden since ancient times, which I could not easily touch until now, and arrived at that world view. This led to the visual concept of the theme of surprise and excitement at the moment of human beings who time-slip and access information that they do not yet know. In this mission, we must aim for the group companies to move forward and prosper. I think that this is usually full color and the poster expression composition is considered. However, I reconsidered that it is necessary to convey it from the whole. There are more than enough full colors from now on . That's why I aim for a colorful sepia.

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Produced in 1991

Is the typography that represents information like this?
I will try to create it.
Digital and analog.

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

What about a boy who has stepped into a secret library from ancient times?
But I don't need the book itself. I want to make information only.
Such a space.

On the other hand, I thought that the original language and symbols that I had never seen as details were important. I wanted to create a world where the hero was lost in weightlessness. Typography and elements also quoted some from the medieval "Prince of Berry's Gorgeous Timebook". Originally, the Book of Hours was centered around the message to prayer and was before the letterpress of Gutenberg. I thought that the paper quality transmitted from the papyrus manufacturing method was also an important factor, so I searched for an actual book from the Middle Ages in Europe and used it as a base for the texture. Also, for children exploring the information world, I thought that an open-collared shirt was important as a symbol of a good old school student. The rough presentation to the client is as follows.
Although I passed the pre-play, at that time it was almost full CG on the desktop, so I remember that I overcame it while hiding an unusual tension in the surroundings and whipping my heart. As you can see in the rough, the catch hasn't been narrowed down yet.

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。ラフ

A fixed rough.
3D dawn. I have no choice but to do everything myself.

柴山信廣 NTTグループ企業の宣言。 あなたに情報のちから。

At that time, even though people around me called me an otaku,

We will definitely move forward and aim for the fusion of PC and design.

It is necessary to simply express the overlapping factors of this rough world view, and I thought that even if a first-class photographer who had a certain authority of expression up to that time was appointed, the photograph would not be able to convey it. Also, there was no profession in Japan that could create this virtual space. I worked on it as an expression technique to master the Shade of domestic 3D software that was announced earlier by myself. As a result, it has become possible to combine 3DCG of personal computers, which was in its infancy at that time, with up-and-coming photographers.

In addition, as an undeveloped printing area, ingenuity to connect digital and offset printing is required, and the innovative work of Israeli Cytex format and film output companies and printing companies, which was monopolized by the powerless Mac PICT image and image composition at that time. We worked to bridge the process. The exchange between the floppy disk and the open reel tape has started.

NTTグループ企業。 あなたに情報のちから。
空港で、 あなたに情報のちからは、使われた。

Moreover, the platform of the equipment is different, such as the image data format and Mac and Cytex. I can't think of it now, but looking back on those days, I think I've overcome a number of problems.

  The expression of this entrusted world view, "Advertisement from the power of information to you," is posted on the international airport, and with the addition of corporate commercials (other production companies), the direction NTT is heading is new for both inner and outerwear. I think it served more than enough as a declaration of the beginning.

An expression of a corporate group with an eye on NTT's new horizon.

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。
NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

  • Industry / industry          1991 NTT Group Telecommunications Business

  • area              Inner & Outer Communication Tools

  • Genre              Advertising in general, station-based media Outdoor ad board Newspapers and magazines media (later in the skeleton of TV commercials, another company)

  • Project period       About 3 months

  • scope          Expression method development / art direction / design / CG / shooting (cameraman Mr. Uda)                        / Printing technology confirmation development

  • Produce  NTT Advertising CD: Director, Editorial Engineering Research Institute Seigo Matsuoka

Currently, independent OODA, etc. are being sought after.

Produced in 1991

Produced in 1991

NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

Produced in 1991



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NTTグループ企業全体の新たな宣言 あなたに情報のちから。

​Well year 1992

Produced in 1992


client: 1992 NTT Group

project: corporate advertising

agency: NTT Advertising

mission: Expansion and activities of the information age

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