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Canon OIS



Canon OIS

Formulation of corporate mission and solution area mapping .

By shaping resources that the organization is unaware of, it transforms them into power and prepares the way.

Energy resources are needed to exert power. However, if you do not notice that the resource is available, or if it is similar to other resources, you will not be able to tell the difference and you will not get any results.

Here, it is important that it is positioned in the MECE coverage without omissions and duplication. In this way, resources are conscious

It may be present in something left behind that you haven't seen before. By noticing the "things" buried in various exchanges and social processes such as relationships with other departments, thoughts of organization people, customers, suppliers, competitors, governments, etc., the energy resources are output as power. Design to be possible.

* MECE (Missy;: Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive) Meaning of "complete whole set" in "mutually exclusive items".

*MECE Mutually exclusive items

This is a project realized by the passion of the person in charge like a scientist who wants to clarify the corporate activities.

Why should I use AI ChatGPT even if it comes out?

Resources and power are different.
All to achieve the vision.

Issues and solutions: First of all, the concept name existed independently in the company. Adjusting which positioning between each level of "product" and "service" companies. The sales strategy concepts for new products have overlapped. From the inevitability, the hierarchy of naming of both concepts was fixed through many panel discussions with the client.

● Industry / Industry            Camera, office equipment ● Area              Inner communication tools ● Genre              Concept book ● Project period       Approximately 4 months ● Scope          Concept development / art direction / design / copy / project management

  Consulting staff matching ● CD                Editorial Engineering Research Institute ● Produced by Hakuhodo 

client's office

I understand the meaning. I can move. The results will come out.

OIS book

Produced in 2004

OIS book 2

Produced in 2004

OIS book 3

Produced in 2004

OIS book 4

Produced in 2004

OIS site

Create a site and measure the penetration of OIS in every corner.

OIS site 1
OIS site 2
A society opened up by OIS

Convert resources and exert power.
Companies continue to grow.

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