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New Year's card special site 2003

2002.11 Web

We have created a support site for creating New Year's cards, "Canon New Year's Card Special 2003". We introduced abundant ways to make New Year's cards and examples of making them, such as printer health management that introduces the material collection and printer maintenance that are indispensable for New Year's cards, and the New Year's card making class of the main content, making it a site that can be enjoyed by families.


client: Tokyo Denki University

project: Project Atom

mission: Aiming for coexistence with the future


"Opti-Freedom", the official homepage of "Opti-Freedom" of Alcon Japan Co., Ltd., is a website that was planned, produced, managed and operated under the concept of "for you who want to enjoy more freedom".
Serialized essays from wonderful women living in the world <Cosmopolitan's Eye>, soothing flash movie pages <Ceres Forest>, popular chefs and up-and-coming makeup artists, psychological games and special information. The volume of content is far beyond the so-called Web Site for product promotion. Of course, the content has been well received by both clients and general readers. In particular, the voices received from viewers include "It's good because it's very easy to see", "The image is beautiful and the heart is peaceful, and I like the corporate image", "I felt cleanliness and freshness", etc. I feel the new possibilities of design work in the interactivity of the Web.
In addition, on May 31, 2000, the day before the "Grand Opening" of all scheduled content release, we planned and operated an opening event to match this. Despite the unfortunate weather, the day was a great success and was well received by the general public, the press and opinion leaders. We understand that the numerous links from women-targeted web magazines are a compliment to our site's popularity.


Website construction

Orchid club


Talking about pills tends to be moral and taboo, but creating a plaza where all women can talk is a new structure in the age of the internet, rather than giving a sponsor name. It was a site where you can think about the body and mind of women through topics such as contraception and how to interact well with gynecology. The screen is a page introducing gynecological doctors on the same site.



Aquafresh Website2002.12Web

This is the web page for GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) oral care brand "Aquafresh." Previously, this content was a separate brand of GSK, but we started planning and proposing it as independent content. The website was praised as being suitable for the Aquafresh brand as a dynamic and easy-to-understand website that uses flash to introduce products and features.

rvr sports gear

client: Mitsubishi Motors

project: RVR magazine advertisement

agency: ADK  

mission: New car model announcement


client: Mitsubishi Motors

project: RVR magazine advertisement

agency: ADK  

mission: New car model announcement

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