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airSendaiku's 2004 Relocation and Reconstruction of Old Houses ZEKKEI  Reconstruction Guidelines and Work
(The main agreed construction work for 2016 and 2017 will be construction.Office and construction shop. Architectural Research Institute in late 2016 and early summer 2017. )
A 190-year-old Edo-style house built by a Kesen carpenter will be relocated and repaired.

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A life only once in a lifetime. And most people build a house only once. There is a saying by the genius architect Le Corbusier that "a house must be a jewel box for living". If you build a house, you may want to do that too. And if you have feelings at home, you should be hoping to live here for generations, hoping to support such a life ..


Kesen Carpenter's 2004 Relocation and Reconstruction of an Old Folk House ZEKKEI  Reconstruction guidelines and work

(The main construction work that has been approved in 2016 and 2017 will be carried out by the architectural firm and the construction company, and the architectural research institute will only be carried out in the latter half of 2016 and early summer 2017)


I knew immediately that it was built by Kesen Carpentry

Issues and solutions: At that time, an architectural office run by an architect of JIA (Vice Chairman of the Japan Architects Association) and a professor of the Faculty of Architecture of Kanagawa University, an architectural research institute familiar with old folk houses as a building aid for JIA members, and Hakone The old folk house of the Kesen carpenter of the Edo Meiji era, which was in Iwate using three construction companies for more than 180 years (according to the oral of the old man who lived in the house), was built in Iwate prefecture. It was renovated in 2003 from Fujisawa-cho to Hakone Geopark, one of the best mountain resorts in Japan. The securing of private houses was in the latter half of 2000.

original house

​An old folk house that existed in Iwate in 2001.

Iwate Blueprint

Survey in  2001

Reasons for relocating an old folk house with architects

In 2001, an architect and an architectural research institute conducted a survey in Iwate after I knew an old folk house. First of all, ❶ make a survey record of the actual pillars and beams of an old folk house before disassembling it at the local Iwate. ❷ Make a blueprint as it is. It was that. ❸ On top of that, how the architect will build a renovated building suitable for Hakone is to consult with a reliable architect who is a general relocation of an old folk house.

However, it seems that the ❹ seismic test, which is different from the old folk house survey, was commissioned by an architect and a building assistant, and the laboratory in charge of the university conducted a functional experiment in 2001, and the data was used as the basis of the Hyogo Seismic Engineering Center. It was in 2019, a recent interview with a professional magazine, that I was surprised to hear the story from two people, an architect and an architectural assistant.


​I talk to the Institute of Architecture. November 11, 2001.

  Built in2001

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I wanted to build a house in Hakone in 2001, but it took a long time to convey my wife's thoughts to the architect. I think that it is better to clear the desire for a building suitable for the land in Hakone's national park against disasters such as earthquakes and landslides, building methods and various construction stages. We also asked them to remake the pillars and beams of the original Kesen carpenter's old folk house in the same way as possible. I did the setup to carry the house. That's because I missed a partial quote from the architect and forgot the complete material of the house. However, it was finally made in Hakone in 2004 . Thank you very much to the grandfather and family members of the original house in Iwate prefecture who secured the house. ( ❶ to are the actual construction procedures for this house)


 Built in 2004

​Site confirmation and instructions of the construction office. February 28, 2004.

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​In 2003, laid the foundation for the house. The wooden frame on the left is the entrance to the basement.


Huge beam weighing 1,2 tons (old tree that moved from Iwate to Hakone)

▶ Please press ︎. It was based on the same form and structure as an old folk house.


​Completed in 2004. The prominent Paul moved in 2011 with the power company.

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