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About brushes and Oile Paint

In 2015, I decided to look for a new expression different from photographs and illustrations and draw it on canvas with Musini. The reason why I changed the oil paint to the oil paint of Schminke Mussini in Germany was that I returned from India and learned the classical technique in 1990 at the same time as the design work. However, I have a lot of design work. However, in 2015, I reunited with the charm of the white tempera that I had forgotten. But after that and during that time, I was busy rebuilding and designing the house . The picture drawn here is a part of Steve Jobs' life.


Produced in 2016

When I was working for an advertising agency, it was 1988, so this year is 2022. That's why I bought APPLE's Macintosh II for the first time around 34 years ago. When I raised and lowered the volume PICT in a 13inch monitor, the actual sound became louder and quieter accordingly. Even when turning off the power, if you select Exit with the mouse in the monitor, the power will really turn off. It was really groundbreaking. The heart seemed to dance. But after a long time I learned that JOBS was stopped and I bought it when I wasn't there. Until then, I had a computer shop in Ginza store a simple mathematical formula in a cassette recorder with a cheap set of SORD and execute it.

(About the picture above) Steve's problem, even before Apple Computer was founded, was that he rarely took a shower, which was fatal for a businessman. This is because he believed that if he were to eat a completely fruit-based diet, body odor would disappear because mucus and other filth would not be released from the body. I'm sure it's less compared to people who do, but it's hard to imagine that it can eliminate body odor caused by the environment other than the body. However, since he was a stubborn person who acted according to his intuition, he continued to believe in it and was unable to change his thinking, causing people around him to treat him as a weirdo. Mr.


"Go ahead, take a shower! You're unsightly."

-A new company president who was overweight and had health problems was hired to solve Steve's hygiene problems, and was later fired by Steve.

"You're unsightly too. I'm going to take a shower. Come on, you, too, go read some fruit-eating books and go on a diet!"

―Steve Jobs at age 22

Brushes and Oil Paint and Studio

I'm drawing JOBS angry about having their ideas stolen on Bill Gates and the GUI (graphical interface, that is, the program runs when you double-click the icon).

Jobs are often angry. It can't be helped, because I'm trying new things.

The base material is Bologna plaster on a panel of Sinavenia.

The paints are Mussini and Winsor and Newton. Use 5% of Mussini's accelerator in solvent to speed up drying.

pictures of jobs

Produced in2016

About brushes and Oil Paint

Jobs who gets angry at betrayal is in production.

pictures of jobs-1

Jobs, who quit Reed College on the way, got a job at a game company called ATARI. At that time, I had an interview with Archon or Alan Archon. The face of Archon at that time is probably like this. The employee number was number 3. By the way, Jobs was employee number 40 at that time.

Birkenstocks worn by Jobs

Jobs often wore Birkenstock sandals when he was young. I was addicted to the immune diet and thought that if I ate only fruits, my body would be purified and I wouldn't have any body odor. I always go to ATRI with bare feet and don't change my clothes, so I was complained about the smell from Archon.

Produced in 2015

About brushes and Oil Paint

Seven-year-old Steve Jobs ran into the house crying. "Didn't your real parents want you?" It was because of this comment that a girl in the neighborhood said to Jobs when he mentioned that he was adopted. But his adoptive parents hugged Jobs and spoke with conviction. "No. We specifically chose you." Discarded or specially selected. Apple founder Steve Jobs spent his entire life bouncing back and forth between the two.

"Mom, don't go. Dad, please come back." As a young man, Jobs often sang John Lennon's song "Mother." He confessed to his friends, ``It's painful not knowing my parents.'' People around him said that it was his struggle to overcome this that led him to become an extreme vegetarian. Vegetarianism would later lead to an eating disorder and greatly harm his health. He calmly said that his parents who abandoned him were ``nothing more than a bank of sperm and eggs,'' and he respected his adoptive parents for the rest of his life as ``1000% my parents.'' Fate repeated itself viciously. The two were 23 years old when his girlfriend, Chris-Anne Brennan, became pregnant with Jobs' child. I'm the same age that my parents had Jobs. Jobs encouraged abortion and said, ``Never give up for adoption.'' Jobs regretted this in his later years.

The design was also very strict. When he was undergoing cancer treatment and had to wear a medical mask, he said, ``I don't like the design,'' and insisted that if I brought him about five masks with other designs, he would choose one for me. But this obsession is what makes Apple special. His belief was that ``the wrong product is the worst.'' Even after being hospitalized, he had an hour-long discussion with Tim Cook in his hospital room over the design of the letters ``iPhone 3GS'' and ``GS.''

Produced in 2017

Jobs' life is a paradox.

Produced in 2015

JOBS painting

Produced in2015

Produced in2015

In-house art that conveys the passion of TOP

By arting the passion of the company, it transforms it into power and creates fans for each town, person, and work. Passion is the source of life and corporate activity. We recommend the company image at the entrance of the office, the standby screen of the telework. 

Jobs' life is a paradox. Although he was a follower of Zen Buddhism, he ran a huge company, and although he was an anti-materialist hippie, he commercially exploited the inventions of his friends. He went back and forth between technology and art, and he said this in his biography. "There is magic at the intersection where the humanities and science and technology meet." A man who started life as an abandoned man but captivated the world, his life was truly magical.


Produced in2015

 Between the extremes of ``throw away'' and ``choose,'' Jobs was obsessed with ``specialness.'' In the early days of Apple, employees were assigned numbers, with co-founder Steve Wozniak number 1 and Jobs number 2. Then Jobs insisted, ``I'm number one.''


Produced in2015


Produced in2016

JOBS painting-1
JOBS painting-2

Produced in2015

JOBS painting-3

The company name Apple, which has nothing to do with computers, came from his experiences living on an apple farm, where he was described as cheerful, fun-loving, and not scary, and because he was a fruit eater. His passion for food was matched by his passion for products. It seems that running both Apple and Pixar was driven by a vegetarian diet, even though it was a greater physical and mental burden than he had imagined. We went on a date at a vegetarian restaurant, our wedding cake was egg- and dairy-free, and my doctor later forced me to eat some fish and eggs when I became seriously weak. I refused, pursued natural remedies, and even tried fasting, but those around me opposed it. However, when he lost his appetite and energy, he was no longer able to eat solid food and wanted something like a fruit smoothie, so he persisted until the end.


August 1995 Wired

  WIRED contribution on the cover of Jobs "India, surely angels.

Aimed for meditation in India in 1989 .

The journey continued. After arriving in the city of Bombay, India, I was worried by the menacing big eyeballs and the alert scammers of Coleman's beard. Still, I didn't change my feelings about asking the temple where high priests live. Perhaps it had been swayed by the train for about three or four hours, the area had changed to a light blue rocky mountain landscape. I was beginning to feel like I was lost so far away. Eventually, I arrived at the stop where I got off to change to the bus that the Indian I met at Bombay Station told me. There was only an unreliable home there. At the station with no roof and no entrance, only the wind blew, and there were few buildings around, and cows were crouching. Anxiety struck me that something might be wrong with this trip itself. It's almost dusk.

But where is the target bus stop? At that time, when I tried to look up at the sky, suddenly I saw a boy sitting on a clay wall about 2 meters high and blowing a whistle. He looked at my face, shook his head, and seemed to signal "that's it". I walked to the other side of the boy's mark with an unvoiced voice saying "Thank you". There was a big stone on it. When I was waiting there, people from somewhere gathered around me.

As if we were magnets, the bus came immediately and departed with everyone on board. Still, I didn't know at all whether it was correct to get on the bus, and the bus passed through the small villages, leaving me to luck. From the fluctuations around the contact between the large oval sun and the horizon, which I had never seen, the road, rocky mountains and shiba flashed back my childhood with a red color that barely illuminates. It seemed that I fell asleep someday. The Indian next door was awakened with a scary face on his flank and signaled to stick down. In the dusk, the bus left behind me.

What appeared in front of me was an iron gate with a frontage of about 2 meters. Is this a temple? Two soldiers in green uniforms and rifles stood facing each other on both sides. When I finally asked, "Ganeshpri, Ashram?", The guards silently stick out their heads and tell them to go inside. My stiff body may have been waiting for some other signal rather than being lost. The next moment, someone pushed his back. Going through the gate and looking back, the two soldiers stood upright with their rifles staring at each other, as if they were standing forever.

Think again? Going forward and turning left, there was a small road with implants on both sides. In front of the one-point perspective Perth, there was a hut just like paying an admission fee. As I approached breathtakingly, the little window came out of a Western boy dressed in a wrinkle-free red silk garment. I offered a glass of water as if I knew I was here now. I was confused by the heterogeneous combination of this deserted, unrelenting Indian mountain and the modern-smelling Western Hindu priest, but I was guided to the back. The site expanded like a fan, and before long, well-maintained colorful flower beds, a lawn park, a pool filled with plenty of water, and a bookstore came into my sight one after another. Only then did I realize that I was finally able to reach the temple of interest. It was guided so far by invisible power. The boys I met on the way may have been angels. 1995

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