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Electronic alchemical tapestry

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In 1992, when I visited Paris to attend a CG conference. While it was raining, I passed in front of a second-hand bookstore and went inside, thinking that it was a good place to take shelter from the rain. Perhaps he didn't understand French, or maybe I seemed to be free, the shopkeeper didn't seem to care about me picking up a secondhand book and looking at it. When I reached out to the top of the bookshelf, I found a large book with a musty smell. If you turn over a few pages, it is a collection of etching works that makes you think that it was produced in a busy time with only outlines and no shadows. The book was pretty damaged, the paper was oxidized and full of stains. I returned the book to its original place and the old man in the store glanced through my glasses, but left the store without greeting.

After about three intersections in Paris, I took the subway and tried to return to Republica Square, but I got off the subway on the way and turned back on the original road. I went back to a second-hand bookstore to buy that book.

For the next seven years, this book slept quietly at me. As if waiting for the recoverable technology to mature.

This time, I'm using a large plotter to revive this tapestry. Because of this era, I wanted to pay attention to the way old things should be. In other words, it is warm and new. As a result, modern and classical have begun to merge endlessly. This is very interesting. There were some problems with computer production, and sometimes the work was delayed, but Japanese fashion brand JUN's 4Dbox Tex 1 and 2 solved them, Photoshop and other software versions. Started to work well for this painting. Interesting software began to be made in Japan after the dawn of computers in 1998. It's 2022, so it was more than 24 years ago.


Produced in 1998

"ALCHIMIA" means alchemy. Medieval people tried to make gold from substances other than gold according to various prescriptions. In the same way, I have continued to have the intention to create an unrealizable space by combining multiple software. Here, the lighting function in the 3D application is used extensively, the angle is adjusted, and the model taken in the actual photo studio is matched with the virtual space for rendering. Later, on Photoshop, the color of iron rust was drawn on the base like a tempera picture.

Produced in 1998

Produced in 1998


Produced in 1998


Produced in1998


The tapestry is a woven fabric, which looks like a large carpet, as shown in the photo above.


Produced in 1998



Mil IIIIcc LX ans du déluge

Et XIX, Jasius ay régné

Ains que Jesus le rédempteur feust né

Mil IIIIcc septante huict; lors fus-je

Par Dardanus mon frère exterminé

Qui puis fonda Troye pour son refuge. 


Fourteen seventy-nine years after the Flood,

And the Redeemer Jesus is born

Fourteen seventy-eight years ago,

I Jasius was a ruler,

killed by his brother Dardanus,

He fled and built Trois.



Mil CCC ans soixante et dix en some,

Puis le déluge, et devant que feust l'home

Regéneré par grâce déifique

Mil Ve IIIIxx VII, moy qu'on nome

Belgius roy XIIIe, on voit come

Fonday Beauvais dont vient Gaule-Belgique.


1,370 years after the Flood,

and by grace we are regenerated

Fifteen forty-seven years ago, I, Bergius,

He was the 19th king,

Build Beauvais,

From there, Gaul opened up to the north.



Mil Vcc ans XL et IX passez

Du déluge, Pâris le noble roy

Dix-huitiéme fonda en grand arroy

Ville et cité de Paris belle assez,

Devant qu'a Rome eust des gens amassez

Vcc cinquante et VIII ans comme croy.


Fifteen forty-nine years after the Great Flood,

people gathered in Rome

558 years ago

Paris, the eighteenth noble king,

Bring a large group of people with you,

He built the beautiful city of Paris.



Mil VIc ans septante sept avant

Notre salut, Galathès moult sçavant

Ay dominé, mil IIe quatre vingtz

Après le grand déluge, car je vins 

Unzième roy de dame Galathée

Et d'Herculès dont Gaule est redoutée.


1677 years before our salvation,

1280 years after the Great Flood,

Hercules was afraid of Gaul,

son of Galatea,

I, Garate, boasted of my knowledge,

He became the first king of this land.



Après que l'arche aux haux mons reposa;

L'an mil VIIc LXVII,jadis,

Francus d'Hector filz, la fille épousa

Du Roy Rémus mil cent IIIIxx dix

Devant J.H.S.;lors comença le nom

De gens Françoys courtoise nation.


After the ark stopped on the top of the mountain

1767 years later,

1150 years before Jesus was resurrected

Hector's son Franks

He married the daughter of King Remus.

This is where the name France comes from.


Produced in 1998


Produced in 1998


Solo exhibition at the Canadian Embassy in 1998.


Produced in1998

The teaching of Christ says, "Love your neighbor." Now, I think this concept of neighbor has a very important problem. What kind of person you are to the neighbor with the same physical function who is closest to you other than yourself, whether you really coexist with the neighbor, all the neighbors to the neighbor are clear I think it has the same meaning as a chain of thoughts. The story (tapestry of words) written by Paul continues the chain. I think it will probably continue to live even if humanity comes to live in space. I think Paul was the first person to grasp the concept of digital as a religious person.

I think Nobuhiro Shibayama is also a writer who has the digital meaning of consent as a weapon. That is why the world (digital tapestry) created by Nobuhiro Shibayama is clear and full of charm.     Yukimasa Okumura


Produced in2001

"Nobuhiro Shibayama Solo Exhibition THE ALCHEMICAL TAPESTRY" A story woven by alchemy "(tapestry produced and constructed by time capsules of electrical equipment)"

A group of works with a medieval tapestry as a motif.

Shibayama has been working on this theme since March of this year (1998), and is reconstructing the tapestry using images from the camera and CG.

In the 15th century, the historical facts about Beauvais, a provincial city in France, were represented as tapestries and dedicated to the bishop of a church. It is said that many such tapestries existed in France at that time, but now they are scattered or disappeared and do not remain.

However, reproductions (etching) of these tapestries still exist as a collection of works, and Shibayama made full use of CG technology with reference to them and expressed them while interweaving a modern sense. This means an approach to returning to the classical technique while using the latest technology, and also shows the act of converting the image from the camera into something with new meaning by computer alchemy.  


We will present a tapestry depicting the life of St. Peter appearing in the New Testament and a newly restored tapestry with the theme of a person derived from the land of France. It is an expanded version.


In the olden days, tapestries were woven with various meanings. For example, the theme of that era is to show the power of the king, or to depict the history of the world. However, the newly restored tapestry presented here describes the life of the original St. Peter.

The works introduced here make you feel like you're back with ancient art on a time machine. It was originally displayed as a tapestry in a cathedral in northern France from the 15th to the 18th centuries. The tapestry was donated to the cathedral by the bishop around 1460, but it has dissipated or disappeared over time and is no longer in existence. However, it seems that a part of it still remained in the 19th century, and a collection of works by copying was published in France as a line drawing of etching like a manga.

According to the commentary attached to the book, he considered the truce treaty signed between France and Britain in 1443 as a blessing to his inauguration as a bishop, and came up with the idea of making a memorial to be donated to the cathedral. The monument is the source of these tapesleys, which are studded with the words he wanted for the truce, "Paix," and his coat of arms. The theme is the life of St. Paul, one of the 12 apostles of Christ, and the above-mentioned collection of works copied the remaining six works at that time.

I tried to revive it with completely new modeling and interpretation in modern times while incorporating the current digital equipment, essence and landscape with CG. If you look closely, you can see a computer and a car, and the chef's dishes that look delicious are also presented. Also, for most of the faces of people, I tried to make my own face with a technique called morphing. So the King, the servants, and St. Paul are just like me. I also tried such a play.

New restoration is a coined word of Shibayama, which means to reborn a work that has already disappeared completely in the present age. This work builds a new digital world.


Produced in 1998

Produced in 1998

Produced in 1998

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