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Technology seeks expression .
Expression seeks technology.
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Advertising & Art  / 1990→2000→2010→2020→2023

Shibayama gives daily ideas, plans, and imaginations for the future.

I made it through a computer since 1990 when there was no internet.

More than 30 years ago, it was an era when personal computers were not common yet.

I think ART is to support the industry. I find it interesting now.

​​ This may be classical elegance.

Therefore, I recorded the year as Produced in 1994 etc. in the image .


ART, planning, graphic design, web production from the 1990s to the present Part of my work in Japan.
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Some of our work in ART, planning, graphic design, and web production Japan from the 1990s to the present.

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Produced in 1994

Graphic Design

In the early days of computers in 1990, Shibayama began hosting creative agencies, creating easy-to-understand designs that incorporate computers into graphics.

 Art & Create

We will inform you about the scene where the work is made by the method of assembling by trial and error from all angles such as the process of art and creation, thinking, and thinking.


I will tell you beyond common sense that you can understand what the other person, the sixth sense, thinks. I think that the work that has been 30 years since around 1990 is new, and I will continue to do so.

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CANON Optimize

Produced in 2002

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NTT Advertisement

Produced in 1991

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 Identity 2000 in N.Y.

Produced in 2001

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Company picture

 Still working on project


Goal to fix a house

Produced in 2007   2019



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Bio-Morph Encyclopedia Muybridge


Produced in 1992   1993

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NTT Advertisement

Produced in 1991


Greeting: I think ART can support the industry. There was no internet in 1990 when I started designing with computers and CG, but at that time I realized that the expansion of technology was a technology to convey my feelings, and I further computerized as an extension of ART. The next-generation approach that fuses technology has now grown into media that goes beyond television, such as SNS and on-demand streaming. And WEB3.0 has appeared. Also, in modern times, the way we work and the values of society are changing drastically. I think that the bases have also changed to cities and regions. And it has definitely changed to the way it should be in the Metaverse. Regardless of the scale, whether it is small or large, I would like to work together with everyone who has a future business in design. Various events and sensibilities that you may have overlooked will help you and support you. We are struggling to get good results from Tokyo and all over Japan. "Not yet", but thank you.

​Nobuhiro Shibayama

Duties: Art / Direction / Design / Seminar



It was valuable to be able to reconsider how to meet my mission and how to deal with business. Also, it was easy to understand because there were many examples of specific companies. I think that there are more people who work than those who run it, but even if you are a worker, think about the company. On the contrary, I realized that it is important for the management to think about it. Since I am close to the manager, I thought that the company and myself would change. In addition, the story of the corporate spirit and the energy of the business person was incorporated in a well-balanced manner, and the content was practical and fresh.


Food and beverage related business management planner NK


Usually, it is easy to notice the underlying thing (mission) and get caught up in something superficial, but the method of digging into the original intention and connecting it to the current situation is the most important thing like no other. Felt. Now that I know the parts and characteristics that I cannot see, I have the opportunity to correct the direction of the future.


Contemporary dancer & producer TU


Something I forgot while gaining experience in this world ...

Even if I think I've always worked hard, I'm unknowingly choosing an easy path, or I'm in the defensive.

I regret that there was something that was a little rough, but on the other hand, it became something like "design, WEB, advertising".

On the other hand, I feel like I can regain a fresh feeling.

Sole proprietor YA


I learned a lot about the idea of CQ . I 'm always aware of the same thing, but

Many of the advertising agencies we've worked with so far, even if they have a strong impact.

I tend to avoid it if I include even a little negative nuance, and while working with such a partner, I myself

I think there was a bad habit of proposing a "safe direction" .

I started making advertisements on the premise that "people do not read", and what I was able to hear about your thoughts at this time is I feel that it was a good opportunity to reconfirm and reconstruct the promotion work of my own company .


Printing companyPlanning Director KA


At the planning stage, it was interesting to have a person named Mr. Shibayama and come up with ideas together.

I think I made an unreasonable request due to the budget, but I was impressed with the attitude of not compromising on the production.

It was a very high level, so I am very satisfied. If I have a chance, I would like to ask again.

Residential construction company advertising manager AN


I was wondering if the project would come from this direction. It was saved because the market was certainly starting to mature.

At other companies, the proposal was centered on general ideas using talent and media budget, but it really has a mission and brand.

It was proposed with consideration for communication with consumers. I have adopted it.


Person in charge of the advertising department of the electrical equipment manufacturer  Mr. YI


After working for a PR company and a large organization, he changed jobs to the client side.

I've done a lot of work, but I've always kept in mind the importance of the brand and the satisfaction of the users.

I admire the high level of insight into the mission and the consistent mindset.

I'm sorry, I wrote that it was rambling. Thank you for your continued support.

IT security company MO


The insight and design of the mission was incredibly novel, and he spoke to me when launching for products and new markets. It's easy for colleagues to consult with you because you can narrow down your ideas from a wealth of ideas. In addition, it is easy to understand and discuss because you can show it with organized information.


IT Development Company Brand Communication Representative  TT


I'm really glad you asked for it at your house. However, I received it comfortably

I am really grateful to the representatives for creating a site that really refreshes my mind.

I really realized that creating a site is about organizing the organization of the company.

Also, my understanding of each department and corporate mission was not good. People in departments and disagreements that can only be met once in a while

I am truly grateful that your proposal was able to solve the problem. If you have a chance in the future, thank you.


IT communication staff SS

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