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(Limited Company) Telepathy



We share our daily ideas, plans, and vision for the future.

Since 1990, when there was no internet, I have been giving form to computers.

This was over 30 years ago, when computers were not yet commonplace.

We believe that design visualization can support industry, and we continue to see its effects.

Therefore, we recorded the year of production on the image, such as "Produced in 2023."

The journey continues into the future... (Continue on next page)

ART, planning, graphic design, web production from the 1990s to the present Part of my work in Japan.
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Some of our work in ART, planning, graphic design, and web production Japan from the 1990s to the present.

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Telepathy Co., Ltd. is a futuristic advertising production agency.

Graphic Design

Established a creative agency in 1990 at the dawn of computers. We are working on graphic design using computers, and today, advances in AI are opening up new possibilities for design. Evolution has been added to the path we have pioneered over the past 33 years, resulting in even better designs.

From ``conveying information,'' we return to ``how humans perceive and recognize information,'' and this is a theory about how the brain works when humans perceive things visually. This is an important starting point. Then think about it.

Web Design

We support the web using WIX. for hosting a website,Security,You don't have to worry about updates or security vulnerabilities such as software updates, data backups, etc. Please also leave the regular web to us.

Actual results of direct companies and products

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Artificial Intelligence 2023~


Company picture

What is Japanese identity?

“Japanese after 2024”


CANON Optimize

What is concept formulation and design based on psychology?


 Identity 2000 in N.Y.

​How to create a museum inside a book?


NTT Advertisement

​ How to create an era of completely new concepts?

スクリーンショット 2021-02-23 14.49.13.png

NTT Advertisement

​ How to create an era of completely new concepts?


greeting:We are telepaths,A little bit of the futureWe are building the future of advertising through visualization. We have been leading technological advances since 1990, creating new value by integrating AI. We aim for success throughout Japan with support tailored to each individual business.

More than 100 cases in corporate consulting and AD. Experienced with many direct sponsors.

Awarded and published in London International, ADC, and JAGDA.

Job description: Content director / Planning /  Web / Advertising / Graphics /

Additional Activities

Other activities

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