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Advertising & Art  / 1990→2000→2010→2020→2023

Technology seeks expression .
Expression seeks technology.
(有限会社) テレパシー

Shibayama gives daily ideas, plans, and imaginations for the future.

I made it through a computer since 1990 when there was no internet.

More than 30 years ago, it was an era when personal computers were not common yet.

I think ART is to support the industry. I find it interesting now.

​​ This may be classical elegance.

Therefore, I recorded the year as Produced in 1994 etc. in the image .


ART, planning, graphic design, web production from the 1990s to the present Part of my work in Japan.
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Some of our work in ART, planning, graphic design, and web production Japan from the 1990s to the present.

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Graphic Design

In the early days of computers in 1990, Shibayama began hosting creative agencies, creating easy-to-understand designs that incorporate computers into graphics.

 Art & Create

We will inform you about the scene where the work is made by the method of assembling by trial and error from all angles such as the process of art and creation, thinking, and thinking.


I will tell you beyond common sense that you can understand what the other person, the sixth sense, thinks. I think that the work that has been 30 years since around 1990 is new, and I will continue to do so.


CANON Optimize


NTT Advertisement


 Identity 2000 in N.Y.

Company picture


Goal to fix a house



Bio-Morph Encyclopedia Muybridge


NTT Advertisement


Greeting: I think ART can support the industry. There was no internet in 1990 when I started designing with computers and CG, but at that time I realized that the expansion of technology was a technology to convey my feelings, and I further computerized as an extension of ART. The next-generation approach that fuses technology has now grown into media that goes beyond television, such as SNS and on-demand streaming. And WEB3.0 has appeared. Also, in modern times, the way we work and the values of society are changing drastically. I think that the bases have also changed to cities and regions. And it has definitely changed to the way it should be in the Metaverse. Regardless of the scale, whether it is small or large, I would like to work together with everyone who has a future business in design. Various events and sensibilities that you may have overlooked will help you and support you. We are struggling to get good results from Tokyo and all over Japan. "Not yet", but thank you.

​Nobuhiro Shibayama

Duties: Art / Direction / Design / Seminar


Telepathy History




・2020年のWeb3.0から、コンピューターの進化に合わせて、TelepathyではAI技術を取り入れ、課題発見力を高めていくことを目指しています。33年前からコンピュータで仕事を始め、Web1.0からWeb3.0までのデザインやコンセプトの開発、そして経験を積んできたことが嬉しく思います。市場に対して一緒に頑張りたいと思ってます。また日本ではどの国よりも自殺が多く、それを防げないものかと思います。私たちの仕事は、Webなどや広告に関する知識を活用する力で貢献することです。今後とも有限会社 Telepathyに対する皆様のご理解、ご支援を受け賜りたくお願い申し上ます。

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